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Ever thought of being an assassin? The captivating story about a boy named Hiroo starts with questioning who his dad really is. When he strives for the answers, his dad does whatever it takes to protect his son from the dangerous Shugendo way of life. Eventually Hiroo finds his own way into the art of Shugendo and becomes a full fledged Genja and is given the codename Talon. Once Hiroo becomes trained in the humble way of Shugendo, he also becomes a master of disguise and deception. After training in the mountains to become a ninja, Hiroo decides it's time to start taking control of his own life. When his life is turned upside down and his father doesn't agree with this new attitude, things become difficult for Hiroo to handle and he has to find a way to regain his balance. Meanwhile, a shadowing peer named Arc forces his way into Shugendo and carries out his own selfish agenda. Arc remains a threat to Talon by joining with a rival ninja clan and pushing the boundaries between revenge and blood lust. "Ninja Tale: The Tale of two rival ninja clans, Talon and the Dragon Assassins VS Arc and the Silent Shinobi" is a literature and fiction book about ninja clan origins and rivalry. Take a ride through the dark history of ninja clan origins as this story carries you deep into the secrets that have been withheld for ages. This is a book inspired by real life events and tells many untold stories. Experience what it's like to be a ninja like never before by stepping foot into a ninja training camp hidden deep within the mountains. Follow the main character 'Talon' as if you were really there and feeling like you are a part of the action. Ninja Tale holds tales of deception and adversity, and overcoming your fears. Chance Trahan is a creative author that is a compelling storyteller & a passionate writer from Tempe, Arizona that likes outdoors and games.

Ninja Tale

By Chance
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