About Chance.

About Chance

At the dawn of the new era, singer-songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, Chance created his own blend of music, a mold-breaking sonic boom to lead the next wave of musical aspirations.

Immersing in creativity, Chance developed and experimented with hybrid electronic sounds such as Syn-Rock and Hardcore-Trance with modern Trap Metal and Industrial-Groove via the tracks of his rare underground Indie-Alternative debut album titled Kataishin, which was independently released in 2005.

Chance's next album, Shadowar, was met with far more critical acclaim while seeing most of his success online and on the TuneCore Internet Sales Charts without ever touring. Chance also gained the bragging rights of being Phoenix's own KUPD Big Red Radio's top 40 acts charting with his song "Cry Wolf" and pulling in a dedicated page for the song on the KUPD Alternative Website Show and Chart which is now defunct. Chance appeared on the TV show Inside Edition, mentioned in a 30 min segment of CBS 4 Denver, and his music and videos remain played in night clubs and homes all over the world.

Chance was born in the small town of Jennings, LA., and was mostly raised in Houston, TX., where he would pick up playing guitar and drawing as some of his creative hobbies. Chance loves performing, but he also likes spending time with his family and donating his services & time to benefit people with disabilities. Like cooking for families at the Ronald McDonald Charities House, and being a volunteer at Stand Up For Kids in Phoenix, Arizona.

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