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Chance's Birthday

Come celebrate Chance's birthday!

This year for Chance's birthday, he is throwing a party in his own backyard!


Book Signing

Join Chance for his first book signing!

Chance will be signing copies of his book this summer.


Shadow Release

Chance is celebrating the release of his sequel book of his 'Ninja Tale' book series.

Come join us in celebration!


Acoustic Concert

Chance is having an acoustic concert in his own house!

This event will also be a live YouTube broadcast.

Chance Comics

Instantly see how awesome Chance is by checking out his super legit Bitstrips comics from your desk or on the go. Say goodbye to the Chance you knew, once and for all.

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Music by Chance

Download a free chapter of Chance's book.

Chance Trahan, CEO & Founder of Sutakira Studios, Tempe, Arizona's own star musician, and world-renowned marketer for Search Engine Developers, is offering you a sample of his inspiring book Ninja Tale: The Tale of two rival ninja clans, Talon and the Dragon Assassins VS Arc and the Silent Shinobi.

Meet Chance


About Chance

An actor, novelist, developer, singer-songwriter, performing artist, lyrical dominator, an aggressive audio & video producer, and Chance is a creative web & graphic designer. Chance started out writing songs for his underground album titled Kataishin, which was then independently released in 2005 after his few year stint with crafting several underground bands where he taught strength in honing each one of the member's skills. Chance's next album, Shadowar, appeared on Playlists & Internet Sales Charts. Soon you can hear Pearl Gates via Pandora Internet Radio. Even though Chance has been compared to artists like Timbaland, Eminem & Billy Idol, he makes it a point to differentiate his sound from familiarized mainstream music. Now, Chance is currently working on a new book series, Ninja Tale, and in the process of writing a new album (Title TBA) and is attending acting classes at Waymire Studio. Check out Chance's Acting Portfolio

We Found Love from Chance Trahan on Myspace.

Chance was born in the small town of Jennings, LA., and was mostly raised in Houston, TX., where he would pick up playing guitar and drawing as some of his creative hobbies. Chance loves performing, but he also likes spending time with his family and donating his services & time to benefit people struggling with children that have disabilities. He also likes cooking for families with children at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and being a volunteer at the Stand Up For Kids charity in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, his passion is concerned with helping the VA Surge Presidential Petition created by Montel Williams and the Ambient Wellness Center. Chance is also an advocate to many A&E shows like Duck Dynasty, Flipping Vegas and Big Smo.

Formal Education

I took Guitar and Music class in all my years of schooling up until graduation and still is my most favorite subject.

Here are some of the schools I learned music from:

William J. Palmer - Guitar

Pearland High School - Drumming

Tomball JR High - Music & Instruments

Harmony Elementary - Music Theory & Basics

Private Training

Pete West - Guitar Lessons - Prescott Valley, AZ.

Chris McEntire - Guitar Theory - Houston, TX.

Performing Experience

Open Mic - Tilted Kilt - Mesa, AZ.

Open Mic - The Reserve Casino - Henderson, NV.

Lucky Break - Lone Butte - Phoenix, Arizona

Live DJ - Almaza Hookah Bar & Lounge - Las Vegas, NV.

Sold Out Show at Gameworks - Las Vegas, NV.

Several Karaoke Performances in various states

Experience Teaching

I teach most students in person but I am also available via Skype. I started out teaching friends and they are amazed at how I can get them to play guitar in less than 5 minutes. This is actually my first attempt at teaching professionally, I usually just manage bands and teach them all how to hone their skills individually and better manage their technique before performances through coaching and overseeing rehearsal.

Contact Chance

[email protected]

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